Hiring Westerwisp and the Deposit System


Order pieces directly through the Westerwisp shop. At checkout, you will be able to describe your wedding color palette and aesthetic, as well as list your wedding date. Contact designer Cat Brimhall via westerwisp@gmail.com to discuss your wedding further, to share inspiration photos and to have questions answered. Please place your order at least 6 weeks before your event. Contact Cat Brimhall via westerwisp@gmail.com to inquire about expedited orders.

Westerwisp also accepts a Deposit system. Your first 50% deposit is due at the start of work with the final 50% deposit due after photo approval and before shipping or delivery. Contact Cat Brimhall at westerwisp@gmail.com for a custom first deposit listing.

Floral Care

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Westerwisp pieces keep for a very long time. For the best quality for an event, boutonnieres, crowns and smaller pieces should be stored gently wrapped in the paper they arrive in within a dark, dry, room temperature location such as a bedroom closet or office. Bouquets should be taken out of their packaging immediately and propped up in a vase or container. Westerwisp florals should be kept away from bright, direct sunlight which can bleach them over time, as well as they should not be exposed to high heat or freezing temperatures which can make them more brittle. When handling floral crowns, it's best to hold them by their ribbon ties.

Other Details


Can you make what is exactly pictured on the site?

The majority of Westerwisp work is custom and completely one of a kind due to the use of natural plant products. Occasionally I will have to substitute similar florals based off of seasonal availability. I always send approval photos before shipping to make sure colors and designs match up with expectations. Your wedding day is very important and as a floral designer it is my goal to create something you will cherish and that speaks to your personality.


Advantages of Dried Florals

Dried florals are unique and alternative, yet classic and elegant at the same time. They will not bruise or wilt, do not require water, they are light weight and will survive shipping, travel, cold and hot weather. They have matte, velvet color palettes and photograph beautifully, as well as they look gorgeous on their own or mixed with fresh floral arrangements. Pieces are earthy and fragrant and often include botanicals such as roses, peonies, lavender, sage, eucalyptus and moss. Dried florals will last for a long time after your wedding as home décor or mementos displayed in a shadow box or cabinet.


Peak Wedding Season Production Times

Westerwisp's peak wedding season is from April through October.  All weddings receive an equal amount of detail and care, thus production times may run upwards to 8-10 weeks. Please e-mail designer Cat Brimhall at westerwisp@gmail.com in regards to your event date if you have any concerns. Westerwisp is always on time and every wedding is very important.


Shipping Information and Local Delivery

All Westerwisp work is shipped via USPS Priority Air mail with tracking and insurance. Priority shipping generally takes about 2-3 days once shipped. Pieces are very safely wrapped and arrive in large boxes. Westerwisp only ships within the USA (with the exception of Hawaii) due to the use of dried plants.

Local delivery is available for the greater Seattle area. Contact Cat Brimhall at westerwisp@gmail.com to discuss delivery details.


Return and Refund Policy

Due to the highly detailed and custom nature of Westerwisp work, returns are generally not accepted. Photographs of all pieces will be sent to your e-mail for approval and adjustments prior to shipping. Pieces are very safely wrapped in large boxes and shipped quickly via USPS Priority. In the unlikely event pieces could arrive damanged, it would be best to contact designer Cat Brimhall at westerwisp@gmail.com to discuss expedited exchange pieces or a partial refund.


Allergy and Safety Note

Westerwisp products are made with dried flowers, branches and plants. If you have allergies or sensitivities to plants, Westerwisp products may not be right for you. Floral crowns are intended to be worn over hair, not touching skin. Please keep Westerwisp florals away from small children and pets, as certain plants might be toxic if ingested (such as eucalyptus). Adult supervision is required for tie-back flower girl crowns as they have long ribbons at back.



Copyright and Intellectual Property of Design

Work copyrighted as ©2014 Catherine Brimhall of Westerwisp. Westerwisp designs are protected as Intellectual Property.